About Us

Cloud Nine Estate is created by a family from Singapore, and we are proud to be a family-run business. We moved to live in Bali after falling in love with the island over several years – years of discovering the island’s many faces, and getting to know the inner life of Bali that hides from casual visitors.

From the beginning, we felt a deep sense of welcome and hospitality in Bali – from its beautiful nature, its soulful people, and its enchanting traditions that celebrate life so fully and vibrantly. It felt like we were coming home.

Our experiences inspired us to share the magic and beauty of Bali with everyone – and so Cloud Nine Estate was born. We dream for it to be a special place where everyone can feel at home, at peace and enchanted with life.

Cloud Nine is an eco-conscious estate of 100% love-fired, heart-driven and hand-made design- homes that bring enchantment and magic back to life. Our exquisite villas are an ode to the beauty of modern tropical architecture, and the exotic grace of Balinese culture.

Look closely around our estate and you will see the fine level of craftsmanship and technical expertise that arose from our years of devotion and commitment to this endeavour.

Philip & Kelly Lim

Creators of Cloud Nine Estate

Since 2015

Our commitment

We are confident that our expertise, well-honed local knowledge and rigorous commitment will make all the difference in growing our heavenly little estate. We love Cloud Nine so much, and we enjoy most working as a team and a community – learning, journeying and evolving together.

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