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estate co-ownership

Our beloved estate first began as a courageous little idea, and has grown into a multi award-winning boutique hotel. Now in our 5th year of operation and achieving great heights as a World Luxury Hotel, we are ready to expand our clifftop paradise to reach its fullest, most beautiful potential.

Our exciting Phase 2 Expansion Plans feature extensive enhanced facilities, spectacular ecological landscaping and 4 exquisite new villas that will shine as true tropical masterpieces. Phase 2 will mark the grand culmination of our luminous project at Cloud Nine Cliff.

As we grow our estate, we are also growing our Cloud Nine Family. Since inception we have been a close-knit group of 4 Owners and we are opening our circle towards like-minded parties whose life vision aligns with us. 


Our circle of Owners enjoy long-term co-ownership of our estate as both a property investment, and a personal integration with a vibrant community. Cloud Nine Estate's prime, upscale location in one of Ubud's most sought-after river valleys accords our property with healthy capital gains, and the progressive growth of our Cloud Nine brand adds consistently to our property value.

Through our rigorous Co-Ownership scheme, Cloud Nine's high-performing Villa Management Team fully manages the estate as a fine boutique hotel - with personal dedication and to exacting standards. Each year, our Co-Owners relax-and-receive lucrative investment returns as well as accomodation privileges for enjoying their dream estate in paradise.

Our commitment to creating rare and atmospheric luxury properties ensures that our estate will remain exclusive and intimate - we will have a total of only 8 unique villas at completion, embodying the gracious soul of our magical island. 

join the journey

We invite you to join us, as we, with love and bravery, embark on this new phase of expanding our beloved home and Cloud Nine Family. May the stars align all our dreams of coming home. Please contact for more details.