We’re proud to be a family-run business, and we try to live consciously, be authentic to others, and do all our work from the heart.

We moved to Bali after falling in love with the island over several years – years of returning to Bali, discovering the island’s many faces, and getting to know the inner pulse of Bali that hides from casual visitors.

From the beginning, we felt a deep sense of welcome and hospitality here – from Bali’s beautiful nature, her soulful people, and enchanting traditions that celebrate life so fully and vibrantly. It felt like we were coming home.

Our experiences inspired us to share the magic and beauty of Bali with everyone – and so Cloud Nine was born. A special oasis where everyone can feel at home, at peace and enchanted with life.

Together with our gracious service team, we hope to bring the best and truest elements of Bali to our guests. We are delighted to start this journey with you to Cloud Nine.

With love from the Island of the Gods,

The Lim Family.

The Lim Family